Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Persona Poem 2

Abort Mission

Someone is growing inside of me.
There is a being overtaking my insides.
Every decision I make is in consideration of someone else.
Why am I the only one not in control of 
my body?
One minute its a fetus deciding what I can and can not eat,

the next its the law forbidding me from making decisions about
my body
You say that the cure for cancer may be trapped inside of this baby'd mind,
but what if its in mine and thats thrown away because I dropped out of school to take care of a child I didn't even want?
And the judgments?

Who are you to blame me>
Maybe I was raped!
Maybe the condom broke!
Maybe I was sick and tired of putting potentially dangerous hormones in my body
because my boyfriend couldn't handle some latex down there.
But I am definitely sick of some old men who have never even met me
having more power over
my body,
than I do!
You call yourself pro-life,
because you protect the unborn parasite in my uterus,
but what about the real life that is being thrown out?


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