Thursday, February 26, 2015

Random Poem 2

my immortal

I fell in love with you so my natural instinct was to put pen to paper,
and release my feelings with ink.
Which was awfully stupid because now I have immortalized you.
I took the most painful part of my life and
integrated it into a piece of my soul.
How foolish am I?
So foolish that I made you permanent,
I gave you a forever that you don't deserve.


Random Love Poem

gone,but not forgotten

When I write these poems my mistakes can be easily be fixed with an eraser.
But,I can't erase you.
I can't go back to the day we met 
and walk the other way.
I wish I could just hit backspace
 and forget all about you.
I wish I could cover the marks you left behind 
with white out.
I  wish that everything you made me feel could be translated from confusion and into metaphors and onto paper so you could finally escape my mind.


Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Persona Poem 2

Abort Mission

Someone is growing inside of me.
There is a being overtaking my insides.
Every decision I make is in consideration of someone else.
Why am I the only one not in control of 
my body?
One minute its a fetus deciding what I can and can not eat,

the next its the law forbidding me from making decisions about
my body
You say that the cure for cancer may be trapped inside of this baby'd mind,
but what if its in mine and thats thrown away because I dropped out of school to take care of a child I didn't even want?
And the judgments?

Who are you to blame me>
Maybe I was raped!
Maybe the condom broke!
Maybe I was sick and tired of putting potentially dangerous hormones in my body
because my boyfriend couldn't handle some latex down there.
But I am definitely sick of some old men who have never even met me
having more power over
my body,
than I do!
You call yourself pro-life,
because you protect the unborn parasite in my uterus,
but what about the real life that is being thrown out?


Memory Piece


Smoke stung my eyes
and clouded my lungs
plaster pushing down on my ankle
Will I live?
it felt like Hercules couldn't lift it off me 
the fire was red hot and only coming closer
images of my burned belongings forever stained my eyelids
my life flashing before me,
was this my end?
only 10 years old,
everything ahead of me would be killed with me,
everything I've ever known was already being swallowed by flames,
I mean I would die eventually anyways,
whats a few years less time?


Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Egotistical Poem

I'm a feminist.
I don't burn my bra,
or hate men.
I just want equality for everyone 
on the big ol' spectrum of gender.
I've been a feminist since before I even knew what feminism was.
I played football with boys 
and hopscotch with girls.
I played with Barbies and Hot Wheels,
because f*** gender roles.
I yell at misogynists 
and misandrists. 
I correct my dad when he yells at my baby brother 
to "stop crying like a girl",
because everyone cries.
I'm a feminist because boys think the worst insult is 
to be compared to the same thing they were pushed out of.


Persona Poem


A Difference of Generations

I am not troublemaker.
I am not an idiot.
What you call my 'rebellious phase' 
I call suddenly finding my voice
I won't collapse in agony with out an iPhone,
but even if I do,why does it matter?
Let me relish in the trends of my youth.
"oh I lived with out internet"
Yeah and? you're parents lived with the polio vaccination,
but I doubt you'll be giving that up anytime soon.
And if my generation does fail,
it will be because of World War III
or a deadly disease spreading.
All due to our elder's mistakes.
Not because of selfies and trap music.
So what if don't 'go steady'?
Why do you care about hook-up and never talk again?
What's your problem?
Are you jealous?
Do you envy that to call my crush,
I don't have to deal with an awkward pre-conversation with their parents?
You had big hair and hammer pants.
I have skinny jeans and smart phones.
Don't steal my youth from me,
let these be the best,most unique years of my life.
So why don't you just grow up and leave the 2oth century where it belongs.